MySQL performances

Benchmark profile:
Sysbench (InnoDB back-end):
- prepare: 100K inserted rows
- simple: 32 threads / 100K read-only selects
- complex: 32 threads / 10K read-write transactions
mysql-bench (MyISAM back-end): default settings

We can now turn our attention to the widespread MySQL database, using sysbench and mysql-bench. First, we prepare the database by inserting 100K rows into a newly created DB:

All filesystem are very quick to populate the database.

In simple (read only) workload, we can see no real differences.

Even the complex, read-write, transactional DB test results are quite similar between each other.

If sysbench used a InnoDB MySQL DB, with mysql-bench we use the read-oriented MyISAM as database engine:

Here BTRFS is significantly slower then EXT3 and EXT4. Even XFS is somewhat slower then the two EXT-based filesystems.