Benchmark profile:
- 1 thread / 8192 files 4K each
- 32 threads / 8192 files 4K each

A new entry of my bench suite is fs_mark. Let see how the different filesystems perform when creating many small files (8 KB in size), with 1 and 32 threads.

EXT4 is the leader here, but note XFS's good show: with its complex metadata and journal system, this result is quite significant. This good score can be attributed to the “delayed logging” feature. Moreover, it consume very low CPU time (not that the other are too much CPU-heavy, anyway). BTRFS multi-thread score is quite low relative to the others, however it remain very high in absolute terms.

Let also see synchronized (fsync) write speed:

The number are now much lower, but the standing remain more or less the same.