Another database: PostgreSQL performance

Another very appreciated, full-featured, enterprise-grade and open source database is the PostgreSQL software. How well will the two Linux systems fare?

First, we had to populate the test DB with 100K rows:

Red Hat vs Debian - Sysbench postgresql prepare

We see very similar results here, and it was expected: populating the DB is a very disk-bound operation, at a point were other things assume a marginal role.

What about the simple Sysbench test?

Red Hat vs Debian - Sysbench postgresql simple

Wow, this time Red Hat seems to have a very strong advantage, with ~100% better scores!

Lets see if the complex, transactional Sysbench test confirm the previous results:

Red Hat vs Debian - Sysbench postgresql complex

While Red Hat remain somewhat faster, it can not replicate the previous wonderful scores. Again, this was expected: the transactional test is much more disk-intensive then the simple, select-intensive one.

From Sysbench shows it seems that Red Hat is the way to go for a PostgreSQL DB system. But, as rule of thumb, it's good to not trust only one benchmark, I run some tests with the PostgreSQL integrated benchmark - say hello to PgBench:

Red Hat vs Debian - PgBench

Comparing the two EXT3 systems, we see a significant advantage for Red Hat Linux, but PgBench do not shown any significant difference between the two EXT4 systems. At least it do not provide us with reversed results :)

In the end, from my standpoint, Red Hat remains the preferred system for PostgreSQL DB.