The smallest member of SonicWall's UTM firewall is the SonicWall TZ100, or TZ100 in short. This little, white-looking appliance, albeit low-end, is a 100% UTM-enabled device, capable of url/content filtering, antivirus inspection and IDS/IPS analysis. You can read the full SonicWall TZ 100 product specifications here, while you can download the complete SonicWall TZ's series PDF datasheet from

Current bare hardware list price is 295$, while a 1 year UTM licenze (yes, you need a license for that) costs another 225$. If you buy the TotalSecure 100 bundle (hardware + 1 year license), list price is at 465$. List price are obviously subject to change; however, you can not expect prices to fall down by a great amount. The point is that we are dealing with a very capable SonicOS-based appliance that boast 5 Fast Ethernet port and quite interesting UTM throughput, as SonicWall state a ~25 Mbit/s full UTM (antivirus + IDS/IPS) performance. Firewall and VPN specifications are quite respectable, being rated at 100 Mbit/s and 75 Mbit/s respectively.

 However, official specification, for both features and performance, should be verified on real world test and under realistic workload. For this very reason, I am going to test the performance of our hero in some common, networked-related tasks. So, lets go to next page to describe testing methodologies.