KVM storage performance and Qcow2 prellocation on RHEL 6.1 and Fedora 16

Written by Gionatan Danti on . Posted in Virtualization

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Some months ago, I wrote an article showing a significant problem regarding KVM and Qcow2 implementations under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0. The problem was that using the default, not-preallocated Qcow2 file backend, I/O performance greatly suffered. You can read here for more information.

Today, I want to see if anything has changed in the last months: more specifically, I am curious to know if manual metadata preallocation remain a necessity or if the underlying Qcow2 / KVM code improved at a point were we can simply forget about manually creating a preallocated Qcow2 file backend.

I assure you: the results will be quite interesting...

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