Vmware vs Virtualbox vs KVM vs XEN: virtual machines performance comparison

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MySQL performance: Sysbench prepare

In the previous Apache test, the backend database was MySQL. What about pure MySQL performance? To test it, I used the Sysbench database benchmark module running on a Linux client machine connected to the host machine with a 10/100 switch. Let see the results of the first step, the “prepare” step, in which I populate a test database with 1000000 rows:

Sysbench prepare time

Xen was the slowest machine, while VirtualBox was the fastest, followed by KVM and VMware.

Now, CPU load:

VirtualBox was not only the faster machine, but also the one with less CPU load. VMware has the higher CPU load, with great user time dominance, but the real loser is Xen: its CPU load is similar to that of KVM, but the latter give use noticeable better performances.

Finally, hard disk time:

Sysbench prepare HD load

All virtual machine seems limited by HD access (the disk time always exceed 100%), but VMware seems to use the disks in a more limited manner.

UPDATE: a recent article comparing KVM vs VirtualBox can be found here: http://www.ilsistemista.net/index.php/virtualization/12-kvm-vs-virtualbox-40-on-rhel-6.html


#1 Nathan 2012-09-12 03:12
This is a terrible review, to install the VMware paravirtual drivers but not the KVM Windows paravirtual drivers. All results from VMware must be discarded for comparison purposes.

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