Linux I/O schedulers benchmarked - anticipatory vs CFQ vs deadline vs noop

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Performance with common system utilities – untar, sync and cat time

Some of the more pedestrian tasks that run of a Linux workstation are untarring a bz2 file and cat its extracted content. Let see if the different I/O scheduler will lead to different results when untarring the linux-3.4.1.tar.bz2 kernel archive.

untar -sync - cat time

It seems that the picture is mostly the same for all schedulers, with the exception of sync time. This make sense: untar writes into the system cache, and only the later sync operation engages the real disks. The single-thread cat operation is a serial one (read a file, then read the next file, etc.) so none of the contenders can do much here.


#1 Ren 2013-11-22 07:11
Thanks for this very interesting post. Perhaps you could benchmark the different schedulers including BFQ ( next time?

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