OpenJDK vs OracleJVM: a look at Java performance under RedHat 6.3 with SPECjvm2008

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OracleJRE 1.7 vs OpenJDK 1.7 and OracleJRE 1.6

Now it is the turn of the OracleJRE 1.7 vs OpenJDK 1.7 comparison:

OpenJDK 1.7 vs OracleJRE 1.7

While the OpenJDK implementation is slower across the board, the difference is not very pronounced: we are speaking of less than 10% in the worst case. Still, Oracle implementation remain the fastest one.

How well the Oracle stack evolved from 1.6 to 1.7?

OracleJRE 1.7 vs OracleJRE 1.6

The new 1.7 stack generally is a good improvement over the old one.

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