OpenJDK vs OracleJVM: a look at Java performance under RedHat 6.3 with SPECjvm2008

Written by Gionatan Danti on . Posted in Linux & Unix

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Testbed and methods

The benchmarks were performed on a system equipped with:

  • PhenomII 940 CPU (4 cores @ 3.0 GHz, 1.8 GHz Northbridge and L3 cache)
  • 8 GB of DDR2-800 DRAM (operating in unganged mode)
  • Asus M4A78 Pro motherboard (AMD 780G + SB700 chipset)
  • four 500 GB disks in AHCI mode + software RAID 10 (near) configuration
  • S.O. Linux RedHat 6.3 x64

I tested four JVM environments:

  • OpenJDK Runtime Environment (RE)
  • OpenJDK RE
  • OracleJRE
  • OracleJRE

The SPECjvm2008 benchmark give us three different scores: an overall one, some category-based ones and many analytic (test-by-test) results. I choose to graphically represent the overall and category-based ones, while I left the complete results available to download.

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