EXT3 vs EXT4 vs XFS vs BTRFS - filesystems comparison on Linux kernel 3.0.0

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Bonnie++ file operations speed

Bonnie++ enable us to test not only raw read/write speed, but file operations performance also. So, what is the faster filesystem in managing large amount of small files?

Bonnie++ file operations speed

In classical mode (using the page cache and without forced sync) we see that ext3 and ext4 are the leaders, with btrfs firmly at third place but using way more CPU than the others. xfs is the slower here, however its performances are noticeably higher than before and surely adequate, but it continue to use more CPU than the two ext-based filesystems.

Bonnie++ file operations speed - sync

Synching each operation led us to very different results: all filesystem had massive performance hit, and the faster is xfs. Btrfs results are quite peculiar: it is the slower of the pack on files creation , but it is way faster in file deletion as it behave as in no-sync mode. Evidently file deletion is a very fast operation on btrfs.

What about creating/deleting file using direct mode (without host side page cache)?

Bonnie++ file operations speed - direct io

The results closely mirror what we saw in the normal, cache-friendly mode.

Bonnie++ file operations speed - direct io + sync

The same thing can be said for direct + synch files creation and deletion.

These similar results are somewhat expected: files creation and deletion are two metadata-intensive operations, only slightly affected by the access mode (direct vs cache-based).


#1 D Mackney 2012-09-12 11:35
What a well presented resume of Linux file systems.
Now a question, have you considered reviewing the BeFS as
used by the Haiku OS, as it would be interesting to see how it
compares to, say, the XFS file-sysem, especially as there seems
to be an implied 'Speed advantage' in its function.
#2 Daniel OConnell 2013-05-26 04:33
xfsdump and xfsrestore

Why I use xfs.

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