Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6.1) vs Debian 6 - A performance comparison

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Another database: PostgreSQL performance

Another very appreciated, full-featured, enterprise-grade and open source database is the PostgreSQL software. How well will the two Linux systems fare?

First, we had to populate the test DB with 100K rows:

Red Hat vs Debian - Sysbench postgresql prepare

We see very similar results here, and it was expected: populating the DB is a very disk-bound operation, at a point were other things assume a marginal role.

What about the simple Sysbench test?

Red Hat vs Debian - Sysbench postgresql simple

Wow, this time Red Hat seems to have a very strong advantage, with ~100% better scores!

Lets see if the complex, transactional Sysbench test confirm the previous results:

Red Hat vs Debian - Sysbench postgresql complex

While Red Hat remain somewhat faster, it can not replicate the previous wonderful scores. Again, this was expected: the transactional test is much more disk-intensive then the simple, select-intensive one.

From Sysbench shows it seems that Red Hat is the way to go for a PostgreSQL DB system. But, as rule of thumb, it's good to not trust only one benchmark, I run some tests with the PostgreSQL integrated benchmark - say hello to PgBench:

Red Hat vs Debian - PgBench

Comparing the two EXT3 systems, we see a significant advantage for Red Hat Linux, but PgBench do not shown any significant difference between the two EXT4 systems. At least it do not provide us with reversed results :)

In the end, from my standpoint, Red Hat remains the preferred system for PostgreSQL DB.


#1 David van Enckevort 2012-06-09 00:17
Although I do like your comparison between the two systems I don't think there is a real use case for using an off the shelf installation and being the fastest distribution. It will be much more efficient to look at tuning the distribution you are familiar with to give the best performance.
#2 Gionatan Danti 2012-06-11 15:52
Hi David,
I can see your point.

However, I saw many, many Linux hosts/services configured with default settings. In this case, the distribution-sp ecific default configuration will be a relevant part of the equation.

And other articles will cover application-spe cific tuning ;)


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