EXT4 vs XFS: large volumes with high-end RAID controller

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Untar and cat time

It is very common in the Linux world to distribute some very large number of quite small files using a compressed, one-file archive created by using the tar and bzip/gzip utilities. For examples, Linux kernel (downloadable from kernel.org) are distributed in this specific manner.

So, an interesting benchmark would be to record the time needed to untar (extract) the Linux kernel .tar.bz2 file, and then to read-back the just-extracted files:


While EXT4 is faster, the high-end RAID controller help XFS to remain in short distance from the leader.


#1 Evgeny 2012-12-10 07:21
it's looks that you fsck time ext4 isn't true.
I think that you ran fsck.ext4 /dev/sd__something__
without "-f" key. It's means that fsck FS state
tune2fs -l
Filesystem state: clean
and if it clean do nothing

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